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GHMIGROUP is a diversified company focusing on bringing advanced healthcare solutions to emerging markets. Located in Houston, TX, USA,  the company specializes in providing expert global health business solutions for global challenges such as health, research and evaluation, and health information technology. GHMIGROUP core areas are strategic developments; education and training; and public health and information technology, and clinical, state-of-the-art cancer diagnostic technologies.

GHMIGroup Inc. is an independent firm of experienced consultants. The firm has developed a reputation for providing real business improvement through our emphasis on business objectives rather than technical details. We work with some of the world’s largest public and private healthcare organizations as well as many medium and small firms. Our consultants are highly qualified individuals who have achieved success in healthcare management, academic and business life. They are experts in their field with highly developed analytical skills. They also have the personal qualities, which ensure meticulous attention to client’s problems and good working relationships with client’s staff. Our work focuses on business strategy, diseases and injuries management, healthcare workforce development and capacity building, project management, and operations improvement and health information systems management issues.


14 Dec

Cleveland Diagnostics Announces Preliminary Results from Multicenter IsoPSA™ Study Demonstrating Significantly Improved Accuracy Over Standard Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test
IsoPSA™ technology may reduce unnecessary prostate biopsies and help identify high-grade cancer

14 Dec

New prostate cancer test could reduce painful biopsies by 50% – saving sufferers from unnecessary treatment that causes urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction