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GHMIGROUP is a diversified company focusing on bringing advanced healthcare solutions to emerging markets. Located in Houston, TX, USA,  the company specializes in providing expert global health business solutions for global challenges such as health and environmental research and evaluation, and health information technology. Our consultants are highly qualified individuals who have achieved success in healthcare and environmental management, academic and business life. They are experts in their field with highly developed analytical skills. GHMIGROUP core areas are strategic developments; environmental impact assessment; education and training; and public health and information technology, and clinical, state-of-the-art cancer diagnostic technologies.




Cleveland Diagnostics (CDx) entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with GHMIGROUP to offer new prostate cancer tests based on Cleveland Diagnostics’ IsoPSA™ reagents and technology in Africa, the Islands of Caribbean and Philippines. The goal is to reduce unnecessary biopsies and optimize healthcare spending for the millions screened men who receive a PSA score between 2 and 10 each year in Africa, Islands of Caribbean and Philippines. Cleveland Diagnostics is developing technology that focuses on protein biomarker structural changes that correlate with the presence of a disease. The company’s portfolio of non-invasive cancer diagnostic tests includes blood-based tests to screen for prostate, breast and ovarian cancer.